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Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI)

REDI is a collaborative, “smart” farming venture designed to help smallholder farming communities to significantly increase productivity and earnings.


OCT 2023

Technological innovation is paving the way for a new era of “smart” farming that will be more sustainable and efficient than ever before.

REDI is a technology driven, youth focused agriculture program harnessing smart agriculture and sustainable farming technology to drive the Lake Victoria region toward a new, entirely transformative era of sustainable food production. The initiative seeks to mobilize, organize and support a new generation of young, entrepreneurial farmers who will harvest more while using fewer resources and producing less waste, creating an exponentially more efficient and sustainable farming sector.

A centerpiece of the REDI strategy is the concept of farmer support centers (REDI Centers), which are being established in different locations across the Lake region. The REDI centers will be one-stop commercial service hubs, providing the farming communities with a range of agronomic and business development services including:

• soil fertility improvement,
• access to farm inputs
• irrigation techniques,
• aggregation & marketing;
• financial services.

The first REDI Center is being established on a 16 Acre parcel of previously unfarmed land in in Siaya County. When fully operational, the Siaya REDI Center will have its own commercially viable demonstration farm for farmer training and exposure to best practices in small scale agriculture.

REDI is managed by REDI Partners Ltd., a social enterprise owned by Ohala Kenya and other partners.

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