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Unlocking the Lake Economy

Ohala Kenya is leading a new conversation and inspiring a new vision for Kenya’s Lake region.

Welcome to Ohala Kenya

Building Bridges

We convene collaboration forums that bring together business leaders, thinkers, policy makers and other influencers to engage in conversations that inspire, challenge and equip participants to meaningful collective actions that benefit the Lake region.

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Identifying the challenges is important, but building consensus, collaboration and commitment among those who matter most requires humility, patience and unwavering leadership.

Pete Ondeng

Founder and CEO

Unlocking Resources

We work with investors, development agencies, academics and professional groups to help individuals, groups and communities in the Lake region to overcome barriers to financial, technical and knowledge resources that they need to excel.

Lake Aquaculture Partnership Forum

Ohala Kenya hosts the Lake Aquaculture Partnership Forum (LAP Forum), a dynamic platform that fosters collaboration, drives innovation, and advocates for the collective interests of the Lake Victoria aquaculture subsector. Through its purposeful initiatives and collaborative ethos, LAP Forum aims to realize the full potential of aquaculture in the Lake region while ensuring its long-term sustainability and resilience.


Rural Economic Development Initiative

The Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) is a youth centered regenerative farming initiative in Kenya’s Lake Victoria region. The project will offer practical training and essential financial assistance to carefully selected cohorts of young farmers.

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Internship Opportunities

Ohala Kenya’s internship program provides college students meaningful professional experience to accompany their career goals and aspirations while advancing the mission of Ohala Kenya across the Lake region. Our aim is to make the experience a win-win opportunity for both the students and Ohala Kenya.

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