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OHALA Means Business

Ohala Kenya works with business owners, investors and other public and private stakeholders to spur investment in productive businesses across Kenya’s Lake region.

Welcome to Ohala Kenya

Our Work

We connect local businesses and communities to financial, technical and knowledge resources they need to grow and prosper. We also support investors to navigate past legal, political, cultural and other potential barriers to doing business in the region.

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“The economic potential of the Lake region is enormous, and yet it remains one of the poorest regions of the country. We can change this.”

Pete Ondeng

Founder and Chair

Connecting Minds

We convene forums including seminars, workshops, webinars and conferences, bringing together influencers and practitioners from diverse sectors to engage in meaningful conversations and collective actions.

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Our Flagship Project

Ohala Kenya’s Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) is a youth focused agriculture program harnessing smart agriculture and sustainable farming technology. REDI mobilizes, organizes and supports a new generation of farmers who will harvest more while using fewer resources and producing less waste, creating an exponentially more efficient and sustainable farming sector.


Research & Learning

Our conversations, strategies and activities are informed and driven by ongoing research, investigation and analysis of social and economic issues surrounding the Lake region economy. Our studies are collaborative and focus on practical issues affecting individuals, households, farmers, entrepreneurs and other segments of the society.

Internship Program

Ohala Kenya international internship program hosts, supervises and support students pursuing degrees in agricultural science, Community Development or related fields, who are aiming to gain some work experience.