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Unlocking Possibilities

For Inclusive & Sustainable Development

We support viable ventures in the Lake region to access to financial technical and commercial resources to enable them to succeed.

Ohala Kenya connects local businesses, cooperatives and communities to the financial, technical and commercial resources they need to grow and prosper. We also support investors to navigate past political, cultural and other risks and potential barriers to doing business in the region.

To achieve this, we offer tailored training, advice and facilitation services intended to bridge the gaps between resource providers and those who need the resources.

We are committed to learning through ongoing research and through our Ohala Farms project, a youth-led, smart agriculture learning program located in a 16.5 acre farm in Siaya County. The project seeks to expand practical, agronomic skills and business knowledge as fundamental components of Ohala’s contribution to the Lake Region’s development..

Ohala Kenya is registered as a company limited by guarantee in Kenya. It is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests. We strive in all our efforts to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance.

Priority Subsectors


Ohala Kenya organizes and facilitate constructive dialogue among Lake Victoria Aquaculture stakeholders on how to enhance collaboration in the regulation, management and governance of Aquaculture on Lake Victoria.

Edible Oils

Through its Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI), Ohala Kenya is dedicated to working with the Lake region county governments to expand production and processing of sunflower and other edible oils.

Alternative Staples

Food security is a key objectives of Ohala Kenya in its work with rural communities in the Lake region. The REDI initiative makes agronomic, logistical, financial and marketing interventions toward the development of value chains for alternative staple food crops like sorghum and cassava.