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Ohala Kenya

Ohala Business Forum

Unlocking Investments for the Lake Region

14 July 2023

8 AM – 6 PM (GMT+3)

Grand Royal Swiss Hotel - KISUMU

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Registration Temporarily suspended
Registration Temporarily Suspended

The Ohala Business Forum – 2023 , which was scheduled to take place on 14th July 2023, has been postponed to a later date to be announced soon.  This postponement is due to the political tensions and uncertainties related to the new wave of political protests. The violence and lawlessness that have characterized recent demonstrations have raised concerns about potential insecurity in Kisumu during the week of the forum.

We regret the inconvenience that this change may cause, but the decision was taken after wide consultation with key stakeholders.  All money received from those who registered to attend the Forum will be returned to the respective registrants within a week of this announcement.  A new date will be announced as soon as is practicable.  For any further information, please send an email to:

Ohala Kenya Foundation

Enhancing Collaboration

The Ohala Business Forum is underpinned by a conviction that progress happens when stakeholders agree to work together in a genuine spirit of collaboration.

If Kenya’s Lake region is to rise to its potential in the emerging world, we must find a way to bring the best minds together, no matter where they come from.

Three Objectives

  1. To broaden awareness on the critical issues surrounding the Lake region’s aquaculture and agribusiness sectors;
  2. To inspire new thinking, new strategies and new partnerships;
  3. To amplify the voices of women leaders in shaping the economic agenda for the region.

Focus on Agribusiness and Aquaculture

The Ohala Business Forum offers a unique opportunity for key influencers with different positions and interests to listen, learn and reflect on the important issues and trends as they relate to agribusiness and aquaculture in the Lake region.

The region’s agricultural sector is overwhelmingly subsistence oriented with limited commercial output.  A substantial proportion of the food consumed in the region is imported from other regions in the country and from as far as Uganda, Tanzania.

In regard to aquaculture, fishing on the Lake has moved substantially away from traditional capture fisheries to intensive production systems to meet the ever rising local demand for food fish. Unfortunately, however, the lake’s resources, particularly fish, are under threat from overfishing, pollution and climate change.

The Forum brings together experts and practitioners for practical conversations on how to unlock productive investment in these two sectors to create sustainable employment and wealth in the region.

Speakers & Panelists

Download the Draft Program (PDF)

About Us

Ohala Kenya is a not-for-profit foundation headquartered in Kisumu.  The foundation seeks to facilitate collaboration among the Lake region’s economic stakeholders as a critical component of its development process.

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Forum Partners & Sponsors

Registration and Payment

All participants must register and pay the Forum registration fee:

  1. KES 5,000 for physical attendance
  2. KES 3,000 to receive a (livestream) link 

The physical attendance fee Includes:

  • Admission to the Forum
  • All-Forum materials including a gift pack
  • Tea/coffee and lunch
  • Certificate of Attendance (if required)
  • Entrance to the networking cocktail/reception at the end of the Forum

Click one of the buttons below to register and select your payment options:

Register Physical Attendance-KES 5,000
Register Virtual Attendance - KES 3,000