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Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI)

Making Farming Work for youth


OCT 2023

REDI is a competitive youth agribusiness initiative. Participants are carefully selected based on their passion, drive, and potential to both succeed in business and catalyze positive change in society.

The Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) is a youth centered regenerative farming initiative in Kenya’s Lake Victoria region. The project offers practical training and essential financial assistance to carefully selected cohorts of young farmers. A key objective of the project is to change the generally negative perception of farming among youth, and to redefine it as an esteemed, financially rewarding, and socially impactful endeavor for their active engagement.

REDI Participants are selected through a rigorous process to create a truly diverse and representative body of promising young men who can demonstrate dedication, ambition and the potential to both excel in agribusiness and become catalysts for positive societal change.. The project imparts to them invaluable knowledge and skills, and it will also provide them the opportunity to expand their connections and networks far beyond their conventional boundaries.


Training and exposure to regenerative agriculture techniques is central to the learning program. This component of the program could be pivotal to the achievement of the project goal of encouraging youth to pursue agriculture. The presumption is that involving them in the regenerative agriculture movement would captivate their interest, thus fostering their active participation and commitment to the sector. Recent research shows that young people can be encouraged to participate in agriculture with the right support.

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